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Victoria Home Renovation Scam

A PRICE blow out of over $120,000 for a home renovation in Croydon (Map of Croydon North, VIC 3136) was not the only supervision by the supervisor, Michelle Hosking, who last week pleaded guilty to 12 charges seeing her work on two renovations of the job.

In Ringwood Magistrates’ Court last Monday, Hosking was convicted and fined more than $15,000 after handling renovations on two Croydon North houses without appropriate contracts, insurance, enrollment or licenses. She was also ordered to pay costs.

Victorian Building Authority prosecutor Cheryl Lewis said Hosking, who was not a registered builder, had left behind a trail of illegal activity including drafting three page contracts which failed to meet building requirements.

Ms Lewis told the court that one of the homeowners ultimately paid $124,000 more than the contract price for renovations and said there had been numerous cost blow outs” associated with the projects.

“This is quite a serious one,” she told Magistrate Simon Garnett.

Ms Lewis said the deposits paid by the consumers for the work far exceeded the maximum allowance of 5 per cent, while Hosking also did not take out the required builders warranty insurance.

Maroondah City Council ordered a stop work at one site after it was discovered Hosking had not acquired permits for the renovations. The permits were eventually granted six months after work had started.

The court was told Hosking had only undertaken commercial office fits outs prior to her work on the two houses.

Work on both houses was ultimately completed.

Hosking’s defence counsel told the court the offences arose out of ignorance and carelessness” but the jobs had seemed like a pretty good opportunity” to Hosking.

He described how there had been a backlash in the community” against Hosking, with the families who hired her for the work now orchestrating a campaign against her”.

Magistrate Garnett imposed a fine of $15,000 for the offences, plus court costs. He described Hosking’s offending as a blatant breach” of rules and regulations which were designed to protect people.

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Tradesman stuck in a balustrade.

This day hung by his foot from a three-storey balcony in the north in a workplace injury that was shocking in Melbourne.

The guy or 60s, had been doing care work before he became immobilized, hanging upside down for half an hour with his foot in a balustrade..

MFB were called on Clifford Terrace, to the Kensington property, and used a ladder stage to bring the workman to security.

Enduring slight leg injuries, the workman was taken to the Western Hospital in a secure state.

source : http://www.heraldsun.com.au

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Balcony and Balustrade Safety

Are windows and doors locked when the balcony isn’t used?
Ensure kids cannot fall through?
Is the balustrade (or near flat)
Bars that will enable kids to climb and get to the top railing?
Are potted plants, furniture, and other climbable things kept away
from the border of balconies? (Be conscious of furniture that’s light
enough for a kid to pull to the border).
Have you ever assessed your balustrade to make sure that it’s not dangerous and in
Great working order?

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Glass balustrading and compliance – Building Code of Australia

The following is a guide to reaching conformity with all the Building Code of Australia Volume II, when including glass within a balustrade that is required. This advice is a guide only and shall not be relied upon. Please consult your glazier or engineer for guidance particular to your circumstance.

Part 3.9.2 of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) pertains to balustrades within Class 1 and Class 10 buildings. A A balustrade that is required is any balustrade or alternative obstacle used to prevent a fall of:

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Balustrades,Steps and Stairs – Building Code of Australia

There is not anything in OHS legislation which expressly addresses steps and stairs. Both the company as well as the

individual who has control and direction of a workplace have, under their general duty of care, a legal duty to make sure that the workplace is safe and without risks to health. With regard to advice that is particular, yet, are several sources supplying advice and guidance. Stairs and steps (Balustrades),  should obey the Building Code of Australia in addition to the Australian Standard AS 1657-1992: Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, building and setup.

Stair layout

  • All goings and all rises, in an identical flight of stairs, shall be of measurements that are consistent within a fortitude of /-5mmfor every rise: minimum 150mm, maximum 215mm
  • For each maximum 305mm minimum 215mm,T
  • The merchandise of the rise as well as the going shall be not less than 45,000 and not more than 48,000
  • The tread width shall be not less in relation to the going and there shall be 10mm or a minimal overlap


The Australian Standard defines:

  • Except where there’s a predetermined construction at a space not greater than 100mm from the staircase stile, staircase landing and stairs shall be supplied with guardrailing on any side that was open.
  • The guardrailing has to be built to comply with one of these demands:

A top railing parallel to the ground or sope of a path at a perpendicular height of not less than 900mm nor more than 1100mm over the standing amount of this type of stage or walk. There must even be one or more intermediate railings parallel with the top rail as well as the flooring between the lowest railing as well as the very top of the toe-plank where fitted or with a maximum space of 450mm between railings.

Welded net, supported by posts and provided with a reinforced top border effective at resisting the design loads that were appointed

NB: “Infill” may be conduit, bar, solid or perforated plate, expanded metal, metal net, or another fabric. May be bars or conduits arranged vertically, horizontally or any other shape – as long as openings not greater than 450mm.

Regarding handrails:

  • Every staircase shall be provided with a minumum of one handrail which shall have a smooth top surface that was constant through the entire span of every staircase flight. A handrail shall be provided on each individual side, where the width of the staircase exceeds 1000mm.

Handrails could be lumber or steel piping

Landings at stage of any intermediate landing in the staircase and entrance to the staircase shall be designed and built in compliance with the demands of Clause 3.3 (deals with the flooring of stairs, landings, etc) and with the following:

  • The width of the landing as well as the length shall be not less in relation to the width of the staircase
  • A NSW WorkCover publication (no longer on the site) Preventing slips, trips and tumbles made the following recommendations:
    • The measurements for the ‘going’ (G) – that’s the top portion of the step – are minimal 250 mm and maximum 355mm.
    • In line with the Guide, right stairs should have measurements as follows: 2R G = maximum 700 minimum 550,.
    • Slips, trips and tumbles
    • Tripping, slipping or falling are dangers which may be related to stairs and steps, and can cause serious harms. Under s21 of the 2004 OHS Act, the company has a duty of care to supply and keep a safe and healthy workplace – all potential dangers should be identified, the related hazard evaluated and then commands introduced to remove or reduce those dangers as much as practicable.
    • Additionally under the Act (s26), men who ‘handle or management’ workplaces must make sure that the method of entering and leaving the workplace as well as it are safe and without risks to health.

    To find out more, including connections, and guidance to OHS representatives, visit the slips, trips and tumbles risk information page.

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Modular Homes and Handrails

I believe that over the past decade we’ve each learnt the significance of protecting the ecosystem. That is where straightforward notions like kit houses and Handrail and Balustrade can come into the image.

Generally speaking, kit houses use less materials than conventional home. The precise amounts will depend on various factors including the size of the house’s design it, as well as the producer. Yet, with the improvements in technology employed in the production of modular homes, there are many approaches to make sure that your brand-new home’s building is not overly taxing on the environment. And that’s, obviously, great news. One more matter to think about is the production process.

It follows that there’s less wastage and that efficacy is higher. Since the entire notion is founded on prefabrication, using time and resources is certainly cut down. Environmental-friendly characteristics are more often than not built in in modular homes. While many homeowners want to get attributes like solar heating, water-preserving technology, and electricity-saving technology installed in their own residences, it could be a costly undertaking, particularly for traditionally-constructed houses.

With modular homes, the prices are offset. For one, the producers already possess the facilities accessible to install such attributes. The manufacturers of Handrail and Balustrades (read this www.balustradeauthority.com )also conserve cash on other facets of the company, which makes it possible to take the extra expense of environment friendly characteristics in.

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Balustrade Bearings and homebuilding – How Are They Linked?

It is quite difficult to connect bearings with residence building unless one goes in the details of constructing a house. Many will be taken by surprise that these machine components are widely used in dwellings to supply easy motion between components.

Balustrade Bearings that are mechanical

There are in fact many different types of bearings and many differ based on the kind of procedure they perform in addition to directions and the movements . Basically, bearings do only that which will be to support parts of houses including partitions, movable walls, doors and sliding glass doors. Bearings are usually related to equipment procedures and rotating plant. In truth yet, bearings are utilized in a wide variety of companies. They may be used as parts or as part of particular products of gear used by companies to produce their merchandise or deliver their service that was offered.

Mechanical Balustrade Bearings in Homebuilding Use

Walls, doors, and partitions are essential elements of a house. For falling goals as soon as they’re set, they can be anticipated to slip easily and without issue. Anything less will inefficient for the house or any place else for that matter where partitions, walls, and sliding doors are used. There’s in addition the matter of integrity and security of building. If we want to explore an Bearings business’ customer base, we’ll locate many businesses who are the two building or making apparatus and gear. Homebuilders for their part, build houses balustrade bearings merchandises or gear which have been assembled with bearings. Outstanding results are got from using parts that were outstanding. Efficient bearings so make houses that are efficient

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Wire Cable Pool Fencing Tips

Encorporating Australian Hardwood railings that are amazing, with Stainless Steel infill, or with Extruded Aluminium railings in colours of your choice

Image a balmy, subtropical summer’s day. Your buddies are around for a bbq, there is a gentle breeze as well as your champagne is cooling in the refrigerator. The neighbour’s toddler is running and the children are in the pool. You are content, and feeling relaxed.

The older kids are excellent swimmers. The younger ones are safe – even if they attempted, they scale off the deck, or can not get into the pool place. Your house looks lovely – simply how you envisioned it’d …

As a result , you may rest easy knowing your kids are safe. Our award winning and unique pool fencing is the perfect option for your demands … safe, affordable and completely gorgeous! (Well, we’re somewhat biased!) …

Seriously. Options for landscape design all around your pool until now, were restricted.

At last! Formerly, cable wire balustrade was not suitable for swimming pool spaces; the ladder-effect of the stainless wire enabled kids to scale the cables and danger drowning. The new Vertical Cable system of has initiated the entrance of cable fencing and glossy lumber into the plan of pool regions.

The stunning lumber and perpendicular cable balustrade of provides an affordable and improved choice – sophistication and security meet in a modern, warm and weathering merchandise which appeals to home owners and designers equally.

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Installing Concrete Balustrades in VIC

Evoking images of Grecian plazas cast to resemble hand-carved stone balustrades, add some sophistication to a veranda or courtyard. Placing the balustrades is not technically challenging, but taking and lifting them is hard work. Local building codes might control the space between the balustrades for security functions, although they are intended to be cosmetic.

Snap a chalk line to the veranda or veranda that is concrete .

Concrete balustrades have big square foundations that support the heavy columns. Finding half the width of the balustrade foundation determines the space of the next two lines from the very first line. For instance, in the event the foundation is 6 inches broad, the outside as well as inside lines will be 3 inches from the center line.

Draw cross lines to suggest the sides of the balustrade foundations. Spacing the balustrades depends upon the width of the balustrades go to www.balustradeauthority.com/balustrading, local codes, the space between newel posts as well as the appearance you are going for. For a professional look, the balustrades have to be equally spaced between the newel posts.

Dry-set the balustrades before you attach the newel. Place each balustrade by assessing the measurements between the end balustrades and between each balustrade as well as the newel posts and following the guidelines. This is actually the time to discover and correct the newel, in case your measurements are even a little off.

Follow the mixing instructions in the bundle for the most effective results.

Set first by distributing a tiny quantity of thinset onto the concrete foundation with a 1/4-inch notched trowel. Use only enough thinset to cover the foundation region entirely. Pull on the trowel securely through the concrete to make 1/4-inch ridges of thinset.

Place the balustrade by aligning the foundation with the lines.

Verify the sides of the balustrade using a carpenter’s level to make sure that it is not crooked. You can work the foundation back and forth a bit more if it is somewhat off. The balustrade should be leveled by pressing back in the high side.

Place in an identical system beside the following newel post in the event you are using newel posts.

Clamp a straightedge that is long in the exterior top edges of both balustrades. It’s possible for you to make use of some other long straightedge that reaches between both balustrades or a straight 2by4. Use the straightedge to tighten to the balustrades.

Place the balustrades that are staying in exactly the same way by seating each one into the thinset foundation until it is plumb, straight and softly touches the straightedge. Assess for amount often as the thinset hardens. Once all the balustrades are the handrail can be installed by you.

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